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Excellent review by Andrew Nagorski, author and journalist.
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An evocative look at Saudi from behind the veil.

The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree immerses its readers into the lives of the very rich and the very powerful in Saudi Arabia. The globe-trotting Ingrid’s insights come from traveling widely and digging deep. Think Anna and the King of Siam meets Around the World in 80 Days — with heart. Intriguing, illuminating, and very enjoyable. Genny.

This fresh and exciting author truly knows her subject matter. It was great reliving memories of early days in Saudi Arabia through the strong and self assured heroine of this new novel. I couldn’t put it down until the last page was turned. David Shaw.

In the first few pages, I was drawn into the lives of two unique characters and I immediately wanted to know more about them. The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree take you to unexpected places — Saudi Arabia and Norway — which at first glance have nothing in common, but the connections that are woven into the story are delightful and surprising. As someone who lived in Saudi Arabia, I think the story gives a fantastic glimpse into the culture of the country, royal family, and the life of expats living and working there. Settle yourself in with a cup of tea and enjoy the quirks of Ingrid, the mysteries of Mikio, and a story of friendship, exploration, and adventure. Evelyne has written a wonderful debut novel and I hope there’s more to come! Lisa Hope.

With the exception of multiple POVs, I found The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree to have a Gentleman in Moscow-like style of storytelling. In this book, strangers meet, share stories of foreign lands, and develop a mutual respect before setting off on an adventure. The cultural differences between the characters and settings-Saudi Arabia, Japan, United States, Norway, Lebanon-were most interesting. Oppression, religion, and secrets that shape and change the lives of the characters are woven into an engaging story well-worth a read. Suzanne D.

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Evelyne Fallows debut novel is excellent. It intertwines the stories of a developing friendship and finding fulfillment later in life with flashbacks to experiences in Saudi Arabia. Both stories are interesting. For those interested in what life is like for expats and Saudis alike, this is an insightful read. Similarly, the character development and story of stepping into one’s calling at any stage in life is poignant. Grab this book, enjoy reading it this winter, and look forward to the author’s next offering! John Tilstra.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book and Ms. Fallows’ writing style. I didn’t want the story to end! Looking forward to reading more of her books in the future. Sylvia N.

Full disclosure: I was gifted a copy of the Kindle edition of The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree in exchange for a fair and honest review. What a pleasant surprise this book was. I normally would not have thought to read a book like this, as unfortunately, my world travels have been fairly limited, but The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree opened up worlds of possibility to me. It is the story of Ingrid, who lives in Saudi Arabia during her younger years, tutoring the daughter of a Saudi prince and Princess. In the present, Ingrid travels to conferences to lecture and in the course of her travels, she meets a Japanese man, who she befriends. The stories of both characters are interesting and well-versed. I have a family member living in Saudi Arabia due to her husband’s job and I felt very familiar with the landscape and the terminology of the region, which also helped me enjoy the book. The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree is truly a story of friendship, travels, adventures and pursuing a life a lot of us will never get to experience. Kudos to Evelyne Fallows for bringing these worlds together for a very interesting read. Kathy B.


A book that you ll not forget any details,the characters,the locations, the culture and traditions. It is written in a very easy way that makes everyone able to read it and understand it while enjoying reading it. Tania H, Lebanon.

An excellent first novel, where Ms Fallows prose grabs hold and takes you on a journey
which include expatriate adventures such as the restrictive Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and into the forbidden quarter the Rhub al Kali. The dialogue is riveting as various world travelers meet and interact. I found myself thirsting for the next read from this talented writer.    Five Stars. Peter Drew New York City.


A recommander sans hesitation

Un excellent moment d,évasion avec des personnages très attachants. Une mention particuliére pour Rocky le témoin et complice ? de ces pérégrinations. Eric W.

Drole et touchant

Les extrêmes s’opposent… mais ils s’attirent aussi! Deux solitudes drôles et touchantes dans un quotidien new-yorkais criant de vérité, sans oublier l’adorable Rocky! Herve B.

NYC version French touch

Un roman drôle et tendre à la fois .Merci Evelyne pour cette decouverte de NYC à travers le point de vue de Melle Annie et Mr André , 2 personnages atypiques .
Hâte de lire la suite des tribulations d’une Française à New York. Cliente amazon.