Les Aventures de Mademoiselle Annie

Dans ce roman drôle et tendre à la fois, tout oppose Mademoiselle Annie, femme rangée qui n’aime pas bousculer sa routine, et Monsieur André, extravagante star de Broadway. Et pourtant, le hasard (et des problèmes de plomberie) va les réunir. Vous aimez New York ? Alors suivez ces personnages tellement attachants dans cette comédie new … Continue reading Les Aventures de Mademoiselle Annie

The Seagull

The white-winged seagulls hovering over our neighborhood rooftops never fail to surprise me. Their characteristic, shrilly ha-ha-ha alarm call are a daily reminder that the ocean is close by. After his first and only trip to New York City, in 1946, Albert Camus wrote: 'Parfois, au-delà des gratte-ciels, le cri d'un remorqueur vous surprend dans votre … Continue reading The Seagull

Hidden Gems in New York (part 1): The Leo House

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were walking back from Chelsea Market towards the subway station on 23rd street, when we passed this ordinary-looking building: There was nothing particular about the building itself, but then I looked up and saw the sign Historic Guesthouse. My curiosity was immediately piqued. We walked in and … Continue reading Hidden Gems in New York (part 1): The Leo House