The latest review is in!

Thank you D’Elle Milton for this beautiful feedback.

Wow!! Sucker punch to the gut in the first five pages! Short stories that cover a vast spectrum of life circumstances and choices. Each ‘vignette’ like a teaser for a full blown novel of hidddn history and heartbreak, suspense or both. International intrigue; ‘Blink’ is a story begging for a screenplay followed closely by a big budget Hollywood ‘spy’ movie. A few stories glittering with a whisp of the metaphysical and mysterious. ‘The Reluctant Daughter’ triggered the inner, frightened child I thought I’d healed long ago, making me aware of the countless children, all grown up but still carrying the scars of neglect and abuse. Evelyn, (Evelyne Fallows) is multi-lingual both in tone and concept. ‘The Religious Police’ made me uncomfortably aware of the chilling ways of other cultures. This slim volume is packed, cover to cover, with surprising depth and well formed characters, sneaking off the pages and into your mind and heart. *****

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