Make Life Less Difficult with Lisa Tilstra

Join me in this interesting conversation with Lisa Tilstra, on her podcast Make Life Less Difficult. We met in Saudi Arabia and have remained friends after leaving Saudi Arabia, Lisa moved to the Netherlands then Sri Lanka, I moved to New York City. We recently met up for lunch in Philadelphia, where Lisa mentionned her … Continue reading Make Life Less Difficult with Lisa Tilstra

Mon petit dernier… Dans cette comédie légère et pétillante, suivez Mademoiselle Annie et André Savroy dans de nouvelles aventures.André, star de Broadway, hérite d’un mystérieux grand-oncle alsacien dont il n’a jamais entendu parler.Il demande à son amie de l’accompagner en tant qu’interprète.Des feux de Broadway à la vie, apparemment tranquille, d’un petit village alsacien, nos deux amis … Continue reading Mon petit dernier…

Once Upon A Chime(s)

Severe weather advisories were in effect for days as March roared into the city with high winds. The morning the gale finally abated, I stood by the kitchen sink overlooking our terrace nook. Something was off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I turned on the news and made coffee. As I poured … Continue reading Once Upon A Chime(s)