Les Aventures de Mademoiselle Annie, bientôt, la suite!

Je suis ravie! Le deuxième volume des Aventures de Mademoiselle Annie avance bien. La première version est partie en lecture/correction. Pouvez-vous deviner où vont Mademoiselle Annie et Monsieur André? Vous avez aimé le volume 1? Vous allez adorer le volume 2. Quand Broadway et un petit village alsacien se rencontrent... A bientôt, Evelyne

I voted!

Dear friends and followers, you haven't heard (or read really) from me in a month...it's been a very busy time, but I'm back! The big news today is that, for the first time, I voted in the U.S. I did in the past but as an overseas voter. So today, I went with my friends … Continue reading I voted!

Did you know? The Met.

The Metropolitan Museum of New York, aka "The Met" is one of the most visited art museum in the world. In 2016, 6.7 million people from 190 countries visited the museum. It houses more than 2 million pieces of art. But did you know? You can travel the world in one day, without leaving New … Continue reading Did you know? The Met.

Did you know? Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour  You all know about Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Some of you have probably visited it for its gorgeous ceiling and Beaux Arts architecture, some of you might commute through it every day. But did you know about the self-guided audio tour? For $9 per person, you will … Continue reading Did you know? Grand Central Terminal.

Did you know? Fishing in New York!

Fishing in New York New York never ceases to amaze me, New Yorkers never cease to surprise me. Today, as I was taking the elevator, a neighbor came in with a fishing pole in his hand. Imagine my surprise. So I had to ask him where one goes to fish in New York. He looked … Continue reading Did you know? Fishing in New York!