Mon petit dernier… Dans cette comédie légère et pétillante, suivez Mademoiselle Annie et André Savroy dans de nouvelles aventures.André, star de Broadway, hérite d’un mystérieux grand-oncle alsacien dont il n’a jamais entendu parler.Il demande à son amie de l’accompagner en tant qu’interprète.Des feux de Broadway à la vie, apparemment tranquille, d’un petit village alsacien, nos deux amis … Continue reading Mon petit dernier…

The Joy of Giving Back

Authors Evelyne Fallows and Ines Rodriguez Recently, I was honored to be invited to the Second Annual Fundraising Book Signing for the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, in New York. We were six authors, presenting our book and reading excerpts, signing copies and meeting readers. All proceeds will go to help a maternity care in … Continue reading The Joy of Giving Back

Thrifting in New York City

I was walking back home from work the other evening when I noticed a small shop on Lexington Avenue I had never seen before. I stepped in and discovered a thrift store, selling good quality clothes, accessories and home décor at unbeatable prices. I started the hunt. I first went through the tops, skirts and … Continue reading Thrifting in New York City

Hidden Gems in New York (part 1): The Leo House

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were walking back from Chelsea Market towards the subway station on 23rd street, when we passed this ordinary-looking building: There was nothing particular about the building itself, but then I looked up and saw the sign Historic Guesthouse. My curiosity was immediately piqued. We walked in and … Continue reading Hidden Gems in New York (part 1): The Leo House