Vignettes of Life

I am happy to announce that Vignettes of Life, my third book, a collection of short and flash fiction stories is now available in digital and paperback formats. Happy reading, Grateful to all my readers, Evelyne

I Should Have Shut Them Up

A few years ago, as I was going through one of the most difficult periods of my life, I looked for help. I was living in Riyadh and a friend (forever grateful, May) recommended a psychotherapist she was convinced could help me. I postponed and postponed, convinced I could get over whatever was troubling me … Continue reading I Should Have Shut Them Up

Do Not Condemn Me For My Father’s Sins

I did not denounce my father, but I should have. My father disappeared soon after the war. Most people thought he was dead, a few claimed he had escaped. My mother never mentioned his name again and remarried. I was in college when scholars began using the term ‘Holocaust’. The horrors of the camps were … Continue reading Do Not Condemn Me For My Father’s Sins

The Black Child

My appointment with May-Ling Chen, Singapore’s respected scholar, political figure and philanthropist, had been cancelled, rescheduled and postponed too many times. I was young, I was ambitious, I needed that interview for the magazine I was working for. I was convinced it would boost my career. I continued calling Madam Chen’s office every day, several … Continue reading The Black Child