Mon petit dernier… Dans cette comédie légère et pétillante, suivez Mademoiselle Annie et André Savroy dans de nouvelles aventures.André, star de Broadway, hérite d’un mystérieux grand-oncle alsacien dont il n’a jamais entendu parler.Il demande à son amie de l’accompagner en tant qu’interprète.Des feux de Broadway à la vie, apparemment tranquille, d’un petit village alsacien, nos deux amis … Continue reading Mon petit dernier…

To 2021

I chose this photo because it encapsulates everything I love: reading, writing, having a cup of tea (with a piece or two of dark chocolate) and contemplating. Little getaway in the Poconos Reading in French and in English. Laughing, crying and learning. Discovering new authors, published and self-published, because they all deserve a fair chance. … Continue reading To 2021

On Being Grateful

Nothing brings people together like good food 2020 has been a weird and challenging year. Wearing a mask, having our temperature checked, social distancing are our new normal. Meeting friends and family on zoom or in small groups has become the new norm. Working from home, online schooling and closed borders. Thousands have lost their … Continue reading On Being Grateful

The Ex

The first email seemed innocuous enough. A few lines, a positive review for my new book and friendly salutations. Mark even asked about my parents. I should have seen the red flag, but instead I chose to give my ex the benefit of the doubt. After all, we had both found other partners and were … Continue reading The Ex