Mon petit dernier… Dans cette comédie légère et pétillante, suivez Mademoiselle Annie et André Savroy dans de nouvelles aventures.André, star de Broadway, hérite d’un mystérieux grand-oncle alsacien dont il n’a jamais entendu parler.Il demande à son amie de l’accompagner en tant qu’interprète.Des feux de Broadway à la vie, apparemment tranquille, d’un petit village alsacien, nos deux amis … Continue reading Mon petit dernier…

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If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can now read Vignettes of Life, my collection of short stories, for free! Happy reading and don't forget to share your feedback... Free on Kindle Unlimited Thank you, Evelyne

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Thank you Lisa Hope for your first review on amazon! Dear readers, if you enjoyed my collection of short stories, please leave a review. You have no idea the difference it can make. And thank you to all of you who chose to read my book and accompany me on this journey. Gratefully, Evelyne

In Defense of Self-Publishing

The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree by Evelyne Fallows Recently, a reader wrote that my first novel, The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree, screamed “self-published.” The one star out of five and the rest of his review confirmed that P. from Ohio did not really enjoy reading my book. Did this comment sting? … Continue reading In Defense of Self-Publishing

A year ago today…

The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree by Evelyne Fallows My first novel was published, so Happy Birthday to the Polar Bear and the Palm Tree! It's been quite a journey, thank you all who made this dream possible and supported me. Happy reading, Evelyne