A year ago today…

The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree by Evelyne Fallows My first novel was published, so Happy Birthday to the Polar Bear and the Palm Tree! It's been quite a journey, thank you all who made this dream possible and supported me. Happy reading, Evelyne 

How I failed that Polar Bear

Tonight I feel angry and sad. A polar bear was killed after attacking a cruise ship guard, in Svalbard, Norway. It was an act of "self-defense", said the German cruise-ship operator in a statement. Self-defense, eh? So a bunch of tourists go to the Arctic, in the hope of seeing polar bears in their natural … Continue reading How I failed that Polar Bear

Summer in the Arctic (yes, really)

What a weird idea! said my friend Marie. Why go somewhere cold and wet in the summer? Good point (I just saw on Facebook that Marie is on a beach in France, which to me is a weird idea too) but the purpose of this trip being to see polar bears in their natural habitat, … Continue reading Summer in the Arctic (yes, really)

Reflections on polar bears…and life.

As I am sitting at Oslo Airport, sipping Barolo wine (yes, there is a bit of Ingrid in me, see my first novel, The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree) with my hubby and partner-in-adventure Tom, I can't help but thinking that life ~and traveling~ is a wonderful thing. In less than two hours we … Continue reading Reflections on polar bears…and life.