To 2021

I chose this photo because it encapsulates everything I love: reading, writing, having a cup of tea (with a piece or two of dark chocolate) and contemplating. Little getaway in the Poconos Reading in French and in English. Laughing, crying and learning. Discovering new authors, published and self-published, because they all deserve a fair chance. … Continue reading To 2021

Why Do You Write?

I was asked that question twice in the past five days. A good question, since I am not a writer by education nor trade. An excellent question, since I write novels and screenplays, in English and in French. To be honest, I had to pause and think about it. Was it a life-long dream to … Continue reading Why Do You Write?

A Conversation with Author Arthur Davis

I met Arthur at the Writers' Digest Conference in New York last summer. We chatted, exchanged business cards and when I checked his website: Tales of Our Time (R)... Uncommon Fiction, I wanted to find out more about his work as a writer. We agreed to meet and over a pot of tea, he told … Continue reading A Conversation with Author Arthur Davis