The Seagull

The white-winged seagulls hovering over our neighborhood rooftops never fail to surprise me. Their characteristic, shrilly ha-ha-ha alarm call are a daily reminder that the ocean is close by. After his first and only trip to New York City, in 1946, Albert Camus wrote: 'Parfois, au-delà des gratte-ciels, le cri d'un remorqueur vous surprend dans votre … Continue reading The Seagull

French Women Don’t Get Fat…& Other Myths

I have never claimed my Frenchness as a badge of honor, but I discovered I had a secret weapon when I left Paris in 2000 to live abroad. In South Korea, everything French (the people, the language, the food and wine, the fashion...) was very popular. People found our accent 'cute'. Our fractured English, riddled … Continue reading French Women Don’t Get Fat…& Other Myths

Why Do You Write?

I was asked that question twice in the past five days. A good question, since I am not a writer by education nor trade. An excellent question, since I write novels and screenplays, in English and in French. To be honest, I had to pause and think about it. Was it a life-long dream to … Continue reading Why Do You Write?

This Is Why Family Heritage Is So Valuable

My husband and I were having dinner with friends recently and the topic of ageing parents, senior homes, and what to do with family heirloom came up. I've always been quick to toss things, sometimes to my regret, but I have recently realized how valuable family documents and letters can be. In 2017, a few … Continue reading This Is Why Family Heritage Is So Valuable

Citizen and author of the world

Let the journey begin! And what a journey it has been so far... Let me first introduce my family and myself: My husband Tom is American and has lived in the USSR (yes that long ago!), Italy, France, South Korea, China and Saudi Arabia. His daughter Alexandra was born in Italy and lives today in … Continue reading Citizen and author of the world