Citizen and author of the world

Let the journey begin! And what a journey it has been so far…

Let me first introduce my family and myself: My husband Tom is American and has lived in the USSR (yes that long ago!), Italy, France, South Korea, China and Saudi Arabia. His daughter Alexandra was born in Italy and lives today in Amsterdam.

I am French and I met Tom in Paris (awww I know, how romantic!). We got married there and our son Max was born a dual citizen, in France. We, as an expat family, then moved around, following my husband for his work as a banker. Our son went to kinder garden in Paris, elementary school in Seoul, middle school in Hong Kong, high school in Saudi Arabia (and no, he didn’t go to school on a camel nor did he live in a tent ~ true comments we heard) and finally college in the US. Talking about a citizen of the world!

Today, Tom and I live in Manhattan, Alexandra in Amsterdam, Max in Brooklyn. Together, the four of us probably speak close to ten languages.

Our beautiful rescued dog Ruby was born in Hong Kong (thank you HKDR), where she enjoyed hiking before moving to the Saudi sand dunes. Today she enjoys strolling through Central Park.

I started writing late. I got the inspiration of my first novel, The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree on a cruise along the fjords of Norway. I wrote it in Saudi Arabia and self -published it in the US in December 2017, just in time to celebrate my 50th birthday.


My second novel, in French this time, started in New York, then travelled with me to Korea and Hong Kong while I was promoting my first novel. It was self- published early June 2018, in the US.

I would love you to join me on this fascinating journey and hope to hear and learn from you!

Globally yours,


5 thoughts on “Citizen and author of the world

  1. A great way to introduce yourself! An unusual and exciting path among different languages and different cultures , enough to accumulate anecdotes and memories to trigger your rich imagination and keen sense of observation.
    All the best, my dear friend!

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