And This Is Why Charms Are Such An Amazing Gift…

A few days ago, I was browsing my local bookstore when the title and cover photo of this book got my attention. The Charm Bracelet by Viola Shipman is the story of a charm bracelet passed down from generation to generation; a story of love, forgiveness, memory and memories. I have a charm bracelet too. … Continue reading And This Is Why Charms Are Such An Amazing Gift…

Desert Hospitality

Most beautiful memories I have from my life in Saudi Arabia are connected to the desert. When we were invited to join Prince Bandar for a falcon hunt followed by dinner in the desert, two hours outside of Riyadh, we could not say no. And what an experience it was! We were greeted by Saudi … Continue reading Desert Hospitality

Saudi Arabia ~ History in the making

A big thank you to this week's contributor, my friend Malinda Quartel Coupe, who lives in Riyadh and is sharing her experience driving in the kingdom.  June 24, 2018 marked the first day that females were allowed behind the wheel for the very first time (legally) in the history of this country. As a Dutch … Continue reading Saudi Arabia ~ History in the making

Saudi women driving

I remember vividly the moment I heard the news on the radio. My husband and I were driving back to New York from a week-end with friends in Vermont. I was stunned. I turned on the volume, my heart skipped a beat and I could not believe my ears. Mohammad Bin Sultan (aka MBS), the … Continue reading Saudi women driving