And This Is Why Charms Are Such An Amazing Gift…

A few days ago, I was browsing my local bookstore when the title and cover photo of this book got my attention.

The Charm Bracelet by Viola Shipman is the story of a charm bracelet passed down from generation to generation; a story of love, forgiveness, memory and memories.

I have a charm bracelet too. Correction: I have a few. My charm collection started with a gift from my older brother, Christian, on my birthday, when I was a teenager. Fast forward 30-something years, I have now probably more than 50. Some were gifts, some I gifted myself. Monuments of cities where I’ve lived, like Paris, Seoul, Hong Kong or New York; of places I visited like the delicate birdcage from Myanmar, or the tea pot from China…things I love, like chocolate and boxing, mementoes of a blessed and happy life.

The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree, by Evelyne Fallows.

Two charms have a particular meaning to me, and some of you might see where this is going. The polar bear charm, one of the many gifts from the love of my life, my husband Tom, during our first cruise in Norway. And the palm tree charm, that I bought at the gold souk in Riyadh, when we lived there. Those two charms, with a little help from Barolo wine, under a dramatic and gorgeous summer Oslo sky, inspired the title of my first novel.

I love those charms, as fashion accessories of course, but also for what they represent, for the memories they bring back and the inspiration they give to my stories. Those bracelets will be passed on to our children, Alexandra and Max, and they will hopefully continue this beautiful tradition.

With affection,


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