New Monday, New Week, New Goals

Sunrise Borobudur Indonesia. Buddhist Temple. The Polar Bear and the Palm Tree by Evelyne Fallows.
Sunrise over Borobudur, photo by Evelyne Fallows

What kind of Monday do you usually have? A grumpy Monday or a “let’s get going” one? Either way, Monday is a great way to set the mood and intentions for the week ahead. It’s a good day to embrace a positive attitude, set new goals or reflect on issues at hand.

I like to start my Mondays with a yoga & meditation session, especially because I tend to wake up early on Mondays (I have no idea why). So, today, I did just that, then read a book while sipping some tea, went to the gym, walked my dog and prepared breakfast, before meeting with my first PT customer. That made me feel very happy and satisfied with my day.

How was your Monday? What intentions and goals did you set for yourself? And mostly, what mood did you chose to start your week in?

Happy Monday wherever you are,


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