My New Page!

Because of the Covid-19 lockdown, I've had lots of time to go through my travel photos and thought I'd share them with you. If you enjoy my writing, you might also like seeing my photos of landscapes and people from around the world. Follow me on: Enjoy and stay safe! Evelyne

This Is Why Family Heritage Is So Valuable

My husband and I were having dinner with friends recently and the topic of ageing parents, senior homes, and what to do with family heirloom came up. I've always been quick to toss things, sometimes to my regret, but I have recently realized how valuable family documents and letters can be. In 2017, a few … Continue reading This Is Why Family Heritage Is So Valuable

New Monday, New Week, New Goals

Sunrise over Borobudur, photo by Evelyne Fallows What kind of Monday do you usually have? A grumpy Monday or a "let's get going" one? Either way, Monday is a great way to set the mood and intentions for the week ahead. It's a good day to embrace a positive attitude, set new goals or reflect … Continue reading New Monday, New Week, New Goals