Once Upon A Chime(s)

Severe weather advisories were in effect for days as March roared into the city with high winds. The morning the gale finally abated, I stood by the kitchen sink overlooking our terrace nook. Something was off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I turned on the news and made coffee. As I poured … Continue reading Once Upon A Chime(s)

New Monday, New Week, New Goals

Sunrise over Borobudur, photo by Evelyne Fallows What kind of Monday do you usually have? A grumpy Monday or a "let's get going" one? Either way, Monday is a great way to set the mood and intentions for the week ahead. It's a good day to embrace a positive attitude, set new goals or reflect … Continue reading New Monday, New Week, New Goals

Packing tips for the global traveler

Please take a good look at this photo, taken in February 2017 at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. What do you see? Two people, my husband and me, and two back packs. Starting a three-month trip around the world. I repeat: two backpacks, one backpack each. A lot of my (lady) friends commented more on the … Continue reading Packing tips for the global traveler