Once Upon A Chime(s)

Shallow Focus Photo of Brown Wind Chimes

Severe weather advisories were in effect for days as March roared into the city with high winds. The morning the gale finally abated, I stood by the kitchen sink overlooking our terrace nook. Something was off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I turned on the news and made coffee. As I poured myself a cup, it suddenly hit me. I peeked out the window. My arm froze midair… the wind chimes were gone! I leaned closer. The hook was bare, the chimes nowhere to be seen. I blamed their untimely disappearance on the wind gusts that had hammered the neighborhood all night.

I imagined the delicate chimes dinging as they spiraled away in the dark, cold night. The tinkling as they hit the scaffolding recently installed, before hitting the sidewalk fourteen floors below. I pictured the child picking them up, shaking them, shrieking with delight. The whimsical wind chimes would lift even his mother’s exhausted mood.  

I told everyone about the vanishing chimes. How the delicate artwork from Asia had morphed into a traveling percussive instrument. How, although lost to us, they would bring joy to the world (ok, to Yorkville). I felt empowered in my new role as Lexington Avenue’s Good Samaritan.

A few days later, my heart sank when I spotted them. The chimes had never left our terrace. They did not ping nor ding. They lay, all tangled up, on the wooden bench, where the construction workers renovating our building’s façade had kindly put them.

2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Chime(s)

  1. Enjoyed your little story of the windchimes..Evelyne…we have also had our wind chimes from Thailand and Japan and Korea hanging around our garden when we lived there and again when we moved back to Denmark and had a house & garden. When Ole had a stroke 6 years ago, we sold house and moved into apartment, with a balcony’, but due to neighbouring balconies close by, the Chimes couldn’t come up, and sadly ‘pensioned off’ in a box in the basement. A month ago we have again moved, bought a small semidetached boungalow in the country, with a small garden in front and and a back terrace. Reading yr story reminded me of our chimes….I shall find them polish them up and find places to hang…..fingers crossed neighbours will also think they sound delightful and whimsical, taking our thoughts to far away places…
    Thank you Evelyne….hopefully you could untangle YOUR chimes, so they again could bring joy,
    ( if not to the world/Yorkville, ) then to you!!🎊


    1. Dear Tanja, thank you for sharing your chimes story. It makes me very happy that you remembered them and will take them out of that box! Let me know how it goes with the neighbors…I am sorry to hear about Ole and your moves. Wishing you both health and happiness. 🌺


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