I voted!

Dear friends and followers, you haven’t heard (or read really) from me in a month…it’s been a very busy time, but I’m back!

The big news today is that, for the first time, I voted in the U.S. I did in the past but as an overseas voter.

So today, I went with my friends Peter and Deanna, who kindly took me under their wings and helped me navigate through the process. It was a bit chaotic at first and they told me that today was exceptionally busy and crowded. We were in line for about 30 minutes and the whole process took around 45 minutes.

An official told me there was a higher turnout of young people and minority people. A good sign. After I scanned my ballot, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. I voted, I did my civic duty and was inspired by the number of people who had taken the time (early voting is not permitted in New York), braved the rain and the wait in line to cast their vote. Because they can. because it’s their right. And in my opinion, theirs, yours and my duty.

No matter who you support and vote for, vote! Make your voice heard.


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