Hidden Gems in New York (part 1): The Leo House

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were walking back from Chelsea Market towards the subway station on 23rd street, when we passed this ordinary-looking building:

"The Leo House Entrance in New York"
The Leo House, photo by Evelyne Fallows

There was nothing particular about the building itself, but then I looked up and saw the sign Historic Guesthouse. My curiosity was immediately piqued. We walked in and were kindly greeted by the gentleman at the front desk and Zenna, the lovely lady who offered to give us a tour. Although we couldn’t see the rooms, all occupied, nor the dining hall, closed at that time of the day, what we saw inside was far from ordinary.

"Original Stained Glass Windows in the Leo House"
Original stained glass windows, photo by Evelyne Fallows
The Chapel, open to all

What I loved the most was the quiet atmosphere, the backyard garden and patio, the beautifully displayed artwork. A piece of heaven away from the bustle of the city.

The Leo House was established in 1889 by papal certification from Pope Leo XIII and was originally intended to greet German immigrants. Today, the hotel is open to all.

You can find out more about The Leo House by clicking here: https://leohousenyc.com/about-leo-house/

And don’t miss the very well documented video.

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