The Super Bowl, finally!

I posted this a month ago:

“I consider myself adventurous and adaptable. I lived in South Korea, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. I studied Korean, Arabic, trekked through Nepal and Botswana, slept in a yurt in Mongolia with big spiders, took showers with a bucket in India but never would I have expected the hardest in the US would be to watch my husband become a football fan…every frigging Sunday. Go Rams? Hell no! (pardon my French haha)”

Finally the day has come, and it also coincides with my husband’s birthday. So, today we will gather a few friends, I will prepare some nibbles and watch the game. And be happy the season is over.

Until next year.

Not sure who to root for…

Happy Super Bowl!


2 thoughts on “The Super Bowl, finally!

  1. Hi Evelyne: Nancy here. We met at Justin & Robert’s for Gourmet Club dinner. I made the egg custard.
    I love thrift store shopping. It’s my biggest weakness. I dont need anything but I still “drop by” when I’m near one in hopes of finding a “gem” amoung the trash.
    Can’t wait too see you at Johanna & Dan’s.

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