Thrifting in New York City

I was walking back home from work the other evening when I noticed a small shop on Lexington Avenue I had never seen before. I stepped in and discovered a thrift store, selling good quality clothes, accessories and home décor at unbeatable prices. I started the hunt.

I first went through the tops, skirts and pants (organized by color, love the idea), then the shoes and jewelry. Part of me was like “really, do I want to wear other people’s clothes…gross?”, but the other part of me was like “I am tired of spending a fortune on average quality clothing that always looks the same.”

I carefully checked the items, all in excellent condition. They are laundered and/or pressed before being put on display. Not a stain, not a wrinkle. Most of them look like they have never been worn. Most of them are foreign brands, from Austria, Thailand, France…

That day, I picked a few items and tried them on. Lucky me, they all fit, so I must be an average size for the city. I left with a bracelet, a pair of boots and three skirts for $100.

This silver brooch from Thailand was all dusty and barely visible among the jewelry…I had it cleaned and it now sparkles on my jacket. Photo by Evelyne Fallows.
Shopping in thrift stores in New York City.
$20 for a brand new pair of boots? Why not! Photo by Evelyne Fallows.

But mostly I left with a sense of satisfaction. Affordable prices, eco-friendly approach, the money collected by this particular store goes to victims of AIDS and the homeless. So, what else do I need? To go back, of course, since they have new arrivals every day. And I have been back a few times already…

Have you had similar experiences, in NY or elsewhere? Do you have recommendations or tips? And if not, if you have second-hand shops near you, why not give them a try?

Happy shopping,


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