This Too Shall Pass

I recently finished the 21-day meditation challenge by Deepak Chopra. Each day brought a thought, an exercise, a meditation session. One day, I had to reflect on all the challenges I had faced in my life, how I felt about them and how I recovered. The mantra of the day was “This too shall pass.” I remember thinking easier said than done!

Then, my younger brother passed away, my husband and I faced serious health issues and the Coronavirus hit New York City. Sadness, then despair hit. A feeling of defeat, of unfairness. It simply didn’t make sense.

I soon realized how fortunate I was, though. Friends and family calling and checking in, offering their help, sending presents and cards. My husband getting me chocolate and flowers (see flowers above, the chocolates are mostly gone), our son coming over to help anyway he could. They lifted me up and I decided this was the perfect time to reassess my life, my choices, to read and write, to watch movies and documentaries and to reach out, to show my love and support.

This too shall pass doesn’t mean the pain is gone. My brother won’t come back. People are dying or in dire circumstances. But it means we are resilient, we are a community and we should all show support if we can.

Stay (indoors) safe, do what you never had time to do, but mostly, show your love and support around you!


4 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Evelyn: Thanks for sharing your experiences and feelings. I, too, lost a sibling in the last month and haven’t been able to feel “normal” quite yet. Your words of moving on with more awareness of the love surrounding you hits home with me. I give thanks all day long, especially in these trying times, for the blessings of family and friends to share my life and love with. Stay strong!!

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