Did you know? Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour 

Photo by Evelyne Fallows

You all know about Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Some of you have probably visited it for its gorgeous ceiling and Beaux Arts architecture, some of you might commute through it every day. But did you know about the self-guided audio tour?

For $9 per person, you will be given a map, earphones and an audio guide. The tour takes about thirty minutes to an hour, but there is not time limit. It will tell you about the history, the architecture and the stats of the biggest station in the world. But you will also discover some of the secrets of GCT: The “Whispering Gallery”, the hidden staircase inside the information booth, the tennis court, yes! It is located on the 4th floor, open to the public and visible during your tour.

And much more…Make sure you have a look at The Campbell, it was the office of the railroad tycoon J.W. Campbell in the 1920’s, today it is a bar. It feels like stepping in another time and place.


If you feel hungry, the lower level has a huge food court, where you should find anything you want, for any budget.

Grand Central Terminal Audio Tour

Photo by Evelyne Fallows

Opening Times:
Everyday 9:00am-6:00pm

89 East 42 St, (42nd St. and Park Ave.) New York, NY 10017 Pick up audio tour headsets at the specially marked ticket windows on the main Concourse.
Closest Subway: Grand Central Station
Big Bus hop on hop off Tour Stops: Stop 22 on Uptown route

Enjoy your visit,


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