Did you know? Fishing in New York!

Fishing in New York


New York never ceases to amaze me, New Yorkers never cease to surprise me. Today, as I was taking the elevator, a neighbor came in with a fishing pole in his hand. Imagine my surprise. So I had to ask him where one goes to fish in New York. He looked at me as if I were a bumpkin freshly arrived from the countryside and replied two words: Central Park. That further exacerbated my curiosity, so I took advantage of him being stuck with me in the elevator to ask all sorts of questions.

Here is what I learned: yes it’s legal and yes you need a permit. You must be 15 years old. There are three fishing locations: Harlem Meer, the Central Park Lake and the Central Park Pond.

You find all sorts of fish in Central Park: Black Crappie, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Chain Pickerel, Catfish, Bass, Carp, Bluegill Sunfish, and Crayfish (I googled that). He proudly proceeded to show me the picture of a bass he caught yesterday. Impressive.

It is a catch and release program, you’re not allowed to take the fish home with you and eat it. To my question what’s the point then?, he explained (with another sorry look for the bumpkin) that one does it for the sport you know. Poor fish I replied. We parted ways coolly yet politely.

Will I start fishing you ask? No. But I will keep on looking for fun facts about the city I live in and love.

Curious yours,







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