COVID-19 and Virtual Drinks

Let me reassure you right there, the meetings with friends are virtual, the drinks though are very real, as my expanding waistline can attest. It all started with my friend Amel's initiative, who always has excellent ideas: since we can't go out and meet in person, why not do it on Zoom? BYOB, she added. … Continue reading COVID-19 and Virtual Drinks

The Joy of Giving Back

Authors Evelyne Fallows and Ines Rodriguez Recently, I was honored to be invited to the Second Annual Fundraising Book Signing for the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, in New York. We were six authors, presenting our book and reading excerpts, signing copies and meeting readers. All proceeds will go to help a maternity care in … Continue reading The Joy of Giving Back

The Most Important Discoveries I Made At The Ashram

One of my goals in life has been to experience a stay in an Indian ashram. So, when my friend from India Nalini told me she was going for one week at the end of February and invited me to join her, I couldn't resist. Three weeks ago I jumped on a plane from New … Continue reading The Most Important Discoveries I Made At The Ashram